Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's World Breastfeeding Week, 
which is celebrated from August 1-7 in more than 170 countries worldwide!! So we thought we'd share some advice with all the new breastfeeding mums out there. It can be a bit daunting when you start breastfeeding for the first time, and it’s not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to get right straight away. We crusaders are all for breastfeeding, so we collaborated with team Frugi and put together a few little tips for all new breast feeding mums that may make breastfeeding a bit more hassle-free and relaxing:

Learn to do a lot with one hand…eat, type, read, phone, that sort of thing! (You may even want to try that before the baby comes ;) 
Get someone to show you/help you feed lying down. A lazy afternoon feeding session in bed is very therapeutic and you may well find yourself choosing to feed that way as often as possible. 
Having your baby sleep in a cot up next to your bed with the side down makes night time feeds much easier, and you have the added bonus of being close to your baby.
Do as many possible for yourself that have always been relaxing for you: from a warm bath/shower, to putting on your favourite relaxing tunes, some herbal tea, or even a certain light setting. Anything that makes you feel comfortable and helps you reenergize.

At some point you will want to leave the house with your baby, which you should! And for those very important, yet potentially slightly stressful outings, do yourself a favour: Treat yourself to at least one really nice, well designed breastfeeding top or dress (with good tummy coverage!) for when you are meeting friends, going to a restaurant, shopping, etc. Such a top/ dress can make you feel a million times more comfortable, both by being cut to suit post-baby bodies, and also making feeding a bit more discreet.

Before you sit / lie down to breastfeed ...
* Go to the loo! There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a great latch and then being completely uncomfortable from your yet to be re-trained bladder. Otherwise, you will often feel the need to go to the loo, right after settling down for a feed with your baby.
** Drink a glass of water and keep a drink next to the seat/bed where you will be feeding your baby. You will be surprised by how thirsty you can suddenly get the moment you start breastfeeding. Be sure to choose a cup or glass you will be able to handle with just one hand. If you prefer to have a hot drink, get a thermos mug to keep it warm.
*** Additional things you may want to place within easy reach before you begin: snacks, TV remote, phone, a book. It is very frustrating to realise they are on the other side of the room when you have cushion in place, are perfectly comfy and positioned and baby has started feeding!

Support for Nursing Mummy
Don’t get too overwhelmed by all the different opinions on what’s “normal” or “right” from the millions of books that you may read and other advice (e.g. from pediatricians etc.) …. Do rely on your natural instincts! But if you do feel like a bit of information or advice from other mums, there are loads of support groups, online forums (we recommend, and Facebook groups where there are hundreds of mums who have already “been there, done that”, and who are there to support you! But now comes the most important bit:

ENJOY this time of closeness with your baby – it goes so, so quickly, and - though you may not believe this in the time of frustration - there may very likely be a time when you wish yourself back to this wonderful shared time of closeness and bonding with your new baby! We wish you and your baby a wonderful breastfeeding experience! With love,

Frugi Crusaders
 If you want to treat yourself to one of Frugi's super-soft organic cotton breastfeeding tops or dresses (which btw are gorgeous clothes, be it during or post-breastfeeding!), go to 
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Happy Shopping!
Many of us crusaders have one of these tops/ dresses at the very least and can wholeheartedly recommend them!
"The Frugi breastfeeding clothes are absolutely gorgeous! You don't feel like you're wearing maternity clothes, and they look really stylish and are beautifully soft. Definitely Yummy Mummy clothing! Brilliant for when you're going out and about and want to look nice but still want something practical to feed in. They're all incredibly discrete and easy to use (very important with a baby requiring food NOW!). My favourite is the dress - I've bought one in every colour!" 
Roamy H., mother of two lovely little boys

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