Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A few months in the life of a Frugi Crusader........

Who would have thought that a simple click on the 'like' button on Frugi Organic Cotton clothes page would have led me to this, a review of my time as a Frugi Crusader.

It all started in January this year after religiously keeping up to date with everyone's every move on Facebook (it's amazing what you can learn) the announcement came 'come be a crusader' Out of curiosity and the promise of free stuff, I sent my 'pick me pick me' email along with the other 300+ applicants without having a clue as to what I was trying to get picked for. I have to say Mr Charley asked me what I knew about 'these people' and whether they were trying to lure me into a cult. Luckily it turns out it isn't a cult, phew.
After what seemed like an eternity and a trillion checks, the results and emails were finally sent out from HQ, yay I was successful and so happy even though I still had no idea what I was going to be asked to do. Severe sleep deprivation with a 6 month old is the only excuse I have for thinking about the difficulty of getting everyone around 'the Frugi round table'- a virtual table never crossed my mind.
I won't spoil the surprise on all that it means to be a Frugi crusader as that's all part of the fun, all I will say is you get to feel very spoilt and special, virtually meet many like minded people and the lovely talented Frugi peeps, learn so much (there are many crusaders with hairy toes out there) increase your Facebook friends list and get to know secret squirrel business on things in Planet Frugi. I did set myself a challenge to come up with an idea/ post every week for as long as I could, apologies to those who had to endure it all but it needed to come out to allow room for other stuff. I think I lasted for 18 weeks before the pressure got too much and I had to stand down. Whilst my ideas in themselves probably weren't earth shattering, I hope they some have at least triggered thoughts and ideas in others to make sure Frugi continues to grow and grow.
I have learnt so much about Frugi over the last few months , the main one comes from borrowing words from Jessie J......

'it's not about the money money money, I just want to make the world dance......'

and I think this is where Frugi stands out from most other brands. I believe that through their generosity to all involved, be it a customer, a crusader, provider of materials, employees here and abroad, charities here and abroad, it is obvious they are not in it for the highest profit margin but want a better world for their own and all other children. I also have to say that when they say they want to get feedback they really mean it, Its great to see some ideas from all of us making their way through to the drawing board and who knows maybe being the next big thing?

Overall, it's been a great experience and a good distraction from life with all it's rich tapestry. I am sure we have lost a few stitches on the way but I think overall the picture still look good. I have learnt loads and I can now do a few more things to reduce my wear on the world. I will never be an 'Eco warrior' but aim to be as good as I can and train my long suffering partner in the process.

Vote Frugi in every possible way - they need your continued support to provide great organic clothing for your children through fairly traded means. Tell anyone that will listen and apply to be a crusader next time around, you will kick yourself if you don't.   :)

Thank you Frugi for picking me!
Charley X

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Let us play a little game to guess a new Frugi pattern’s name!

The first one is in HERB GARDEN but not in TRAFFIC WARDEN
The next one is in HAPPY DAYS and also twice in NAPPY WAYS
The third is in HARRY POTTER but not at all in GLOBE TROTTER
And then there’s one in PATTY CAKE that’s not in at all in GARDEN RAKE
The sixth one is in DUNGAREES but not in PLUM or APPLE TREES
The following in HOOLA HOOP but not at all in WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!
The next one is in DRUMMER BOY but not in WOODEN BABY TOY
The last letter is in HONEY COMB but not at all in MUMMY’S WOMB!

And here’s a little tip from me:
when solved the riddle, you will see,
More than one word, fewer than three!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Why we love Frugi!

As a Frugi Crusader coming to the end of her term in office, I thought it was about time that I jotted down how I came across Frugi and why, 2 years later, I still love them!
Before having Harry (now 3 and a half), I knew that I felt very strongly about using cloth nappies. For me it was all about his comfort, then the environment, then the cost. I just couldn't bear the thought of him having his soft little bottom wrapped in plastic all day. I also didn't think I would sleep at night knowing how many disposable nappies I would have sent to the land fill sites. So an easy decision.
Harry was a big 'un, weighing in at 9lbs 8 ozs and coupled with his lovely, big, cloth nappied bottom, we had a bit of a nightmare getting clothes to fit. Baby gowns were always a couple of sizes too big with the sleeves rolled up, trousers never fitted. He ended up in tracksuit bottoms the whole time (which was fine by me as they were comfy), but they weren't exactly very funky! There are also surprisingly few soft baby trousers on the high street.

It wasn't until he had just turned 1 that I found Frugi online. Finally someone who catered for big bums! We started off with their Eco denim trousers which were gorgeously soft and had oodles of room for him to toddle about fact we ordered a second pair and lived in them day in, day out. Despite all this wear (from a very active boy!) they stayed in great condition and I actually got quite a lot of money back when I sold them online.
So we were hooked! I love the quality (we have still not managed to wear any of their clothes out!) and to this day I love the fact that Frugi know they are making clothes for babies and children...not mini adults! The ranges are fun and bright, but most importantly to me, they are completely age appropriate. We have had snuggle fleeces the last 2 years and they are in constant use from September to Easter and I am yet to see a 'coat' that invites more muddy play in the wild. Now I know how good the quality is, I tend to buy a core wardrobe that Harry can get lots of wear from, rather than having lots of cheaper items that might sit in his drawers not getting used.

And as for being a Crusader? Great fun! It is been fantastic to be a little part of the team and get to know Frugi and their ethics even more. Frugi really care about the big things in life, such as the planet, their producers, and their customers. They work extremely hard to keep clothing our youngsters fun and fair. I am certainly going to miss our little missions and all the talk of cake, but at least the Autumn/Winter range will be out soon, and I have no doubt that it will be a fab as ever! We love you Frugi!

Amy & Harry xx