Thursday, 10 March 2011

Frugi Forever A Poem

Want what’s pure and fun and fair?
Choose Frugi’s clothing as they care.
The founders Lucy and her Kurt
decided that it wouldn’t hurt
to clothe their darling little squirt
in trousers and a matching shirt
that on cloth nappies could be worn,
and thus this great idea was born.

Non-toxic cotton is their choice
And to give every one a voice!
For those involved, fair work conditions,
that to ensure is Frugi’s mission!
Our children’s skin is soft and tender,
to toxins we must not surrender!
For baby, child, and nursing mummy,
organic clothing that is scrummy.

You’ve never seen, not here nor there,
any fabrics that compare.
It makes kids happy just to see
the froggy, henny, duck, and bee -
dotty, or with Cornish stripes,
in these the wee one's heart delights.
Roll-ups, pull-ups, dungarees,
denims, dresses, skirts, and tees.

You can feel the Frugi team
Poured lots of love into their dream.
With intentions best, it strives
to add some joy to little lives,
and spare the planet lots of harm -
its ethics add to Frugi’s charme.
They make our precious wee ones happy-
to think, it started with a nappy!

I wish I played a bigger part
In Frugi’s mission, it’s got heart.
But my happiness was made,
when I was chosen to crusade,
to tell the world my heartfelt creed:
that Frugi is what all kids need!
To spread the joy and spread the word
everywhere it must be heard.

If you’re a father or a mother,
an uncle, aunt, a sister, brother,
If your love be girl or boy,
it will give them equal joy.
So tell your friends in many places
the smiles it brings to your kids’ faces,
and join the mission at our side,
to spread the Frugi love worldwide!
It IS the BEST there’s for your child!

Long live Frugi!!! Thank you for caring!
In the name of
Will & Amelia