Friday, 24 June 2011

Frugi Summer '11 - A little bit of Heaven

Oh how we love the Frugi summer,
this season’s range is quite a stunner!
The appliques and fabrics rock:
Frugi’s is the softest frock!
Jersey, toweling, interlock -
they gave us all the sweetest shock.
So cozy, breathable, and scrummy,
To cover bottom, legs, and tummy!

Funky Stripe and Cotton Candy-
these fleeces are so fun and dandy.
Sea Shanty, Cornish Blue, Rose Stripe,
towelling caused quite a hype!
To Brad & Betty Campervan:
I am your very biggest fan!
You were sold out before we knew
If only we had had a clue!

 The surf is up, this much is clear,
and lend us now a feeeaarful ear:
Shiver me timbers and Captain Kurt
make a toughy of every squirt!
Boys’ favorites Crane and Tractor top
make their little hearts go hop!
Wobbly Waves and Flying High
score high with every little guy!

Froggy’s fun and Sheepy’s sleepy,
these lovely creatures, tame or leapy,
make their little faces beam
and promise them the sweetest dream!
Under the Sea or on the Farm?
Having both can do no harm.
Of furry friends your kids want more?
Take Munching Moo and Little Roar!

The berry tops, so sweet and ripe
are every little girlie’s type.
And Candy Apple looks so juicy-
How sweet a dress is little Lucy’s!
If Delicate or Crazy Daisy,
on these our eyes like to rest lazy.
If dungies, smock top, pull-ups, dress,
please send them all to my address!

The Henny top is back again,
so happy, I bought almost ten!
No feathery friend really tops her -
but what a hoot is Larry Lobster!
And all his friends of the Seafari
How charmed by these sea creatures are we?
Colin Crab and Mark the Shark,
With those you really hit the mark!

Peepo Bear and Funny Bunny
delight our cutest little hunny.
Your little one may walk or crawl
Bloomin’ Beautiful says it all!
Leggings, navy, pink, and green
are so happily now seen.
And it’s best not to forget
a lavender pair, to save regret!
The leggings match our favorite dresses,
Truly Scrumptious our hearts possesses.
Meadow Tunic makes us think:
nautical stripe or candy pink?
It’s best, indeed, to get them both,
different sizes, too, for growth.
So comfy, they will do for all,
for dancing or for playing ball.

Now read the words for which you may
have wished these last few months away:
the sale is on! Hooray! Hooray!

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